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Konect:Edu is a real-time online Korean class platform where you can learn Korean from a qualified native teacher.

This course is highly recommended for students who prefer private attention with a flexible schedule.

The main goal is to offer the best Korean language program that meets both the teacher's and student's preferences.

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What's included in our  Private Lesson Package?

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Premium Customized Korean Instruction

Discover a personalized learning journey with individualized attention from expert native Korean teachers.

Our curriculum is crafted to match your interests, goals, and preferred learning style for a customized language experience.

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Flexible Schedule

Experience a personalized learning journey with a dedicated teacher selected to align with your interests and personal goals.

Schedule your lessons at your convenience, fostering a flexible and tailored learning experience designed to meet your individual needs.


Individualized Progress Tracking

Get regular assessments and feedback to monitor your language proficiency, with curriculum adjustments based on your evolving needs and progress.


Learn at Your Desired Pace

Gain the ability to learn and progress at a pace that suits your individual learning style.

Avoid the constraints of a group setting, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning environment for your personal growth

Package description

Package options


What's included

  • 4 sessions of Korean lessons (4 hours)
  • Free consultation & Level Test
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Weekly Homework & Detailed Feedback
  • Customized Korean Lesson
  • Learning materials (books, online resources)
  • 130 USD

Native Teachers.

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I am teaching at Konect:Edu and am delighted to connect with students from around the world!

 I believe that learning a new language provides a fresh perspective, enabling you to see the world with new eyes and enhancing the richness of your life

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Hello! I am Lee Ye-hyeon Ssaem.

My mission is to ensure that learning Korean is fun and easy, not perceived as difficult.

I achieve this by consciously considering learners' proficiency levels and Korean learning goals.



Hello, I'm Moon Ssaem, a certified native Korean teacher.

Learning Korean isn't just about writing and speaking;

it's also about understanding Korean society and culture, crucial for developing emotional intelligence in communication.

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 I'm Chacha. I offer effective classes because I'm certified and have been teaching students for a long time.

I always do my best to help you achieve your Korean learning goals. I promise to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, and I'll be your friendly teacher.



Hello! Learning Korean as a non-native speaker can be challenging, especially in daily conversations.

Don't let that stop you! Join me for easy-to-follow and interesting lectures, and let's start learning Korean together!

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안녕하세요, Hello! Greetings, everyone! I'm Jeon, a certified native Korean teacher.

Teaching Korean is a joy for me, and my goal is to see students achieve success in learning Korean culture and mastering new expressions.



Well-Designed Curriculum

Learn with a well-designed and structured curriculum at KONECT:EDU, enabling you to master Korean in a fast yet fun way.

Our customized intensive curriculum accelerates your learning of Korean, emphasizing not only reading but also writing and speaking skills comparable to those taught at educational institutions in Korea.

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Dedicated Teaching Support

Receive instruction from a qualified and dedicated teacher at KONECT:EDU, committed to supporting your passion and dream.

Engage in a collaborative atmosphere where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and participate in discussions. This shared experience enhances the language learning journey. 📚

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Joyful Learning and Driven Goal

Find great joy in learning Korean and be greatly driven to achieve your goals at KONECT:EDU.

We offer many opportunities for interaction to take place with the teacher and other students in class.

Our engaging and dynamic learning environment is designed to instill a deep passion for mastering the language, fostering a strong drive that propels you towards successful language acquisition.

Close Guidance and Detailed Feedback

Receive close guidance and detailed feedback at KONECT:EDU, enhancing your learning experience.

Every week, you'll receive homework assignments, and our team of professional, expert language teachers will provide you with detailed feedback to help you excel in your language studies.


What our Students say

testimonial konectedu (1).jpeg__PID:89a72423-70c2-4a4d-bcdf-ae84998bc56c

Sylvia Shanti


Learning Korean at Konectedu is by far one of the best investments. 💰🇰🇷

I have made to my self-development. 📚✨

 I always look forward to the classes because the teacher always has something new to teach every week. 🤩📖👩‍🏫”

testimonial konectedu (1).png__PID:d489a724-2370-426a-8dfc-dfae84998bc5

Thangaselvi Angel


I'm glad that I found Konectedu, because this is the best place you can learn Korean. 🇰🇷🌟

  I was very nervous, but my teacher taught us very nicely.

Even if I make mistakes, she teaches us patiently and encourages us to learn more! 👏👩‍🏫💪

testimonial konectedu (2).jpg__PID:01d489a7-2423-40c2-aa4d-fcdfae84998b

Anna Francesca


The teachers are really accommodating, and the system is very organized. 📚📊

 Those who are interested in learning the Korean language, whether for leisure or business, should definitely try Konect:Edu. 🇰🇷📈👍

Graduation From KonectEdu

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basic Information


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

I'm not good at English. Can I still participate in the class?

No need to worry. Some of our classes are conducted entirely in Korean.

We are confident in helping you understand the course without any issues. Remember, you're here to learn Korean, not English.

What should I do if I can't join my Korean class?

Contact your teacher or assistant teacher before the class starts to let them know about your inability to attend.

We'll provide class recordings so you can catch up on what you've missed

I'm late for class. Can I still attend class?

Teachers will wait for students up to 30 minutes after the scheduled class time.

Please be aware that if you're later than 30 minutes, you won't be able to join the class and will be considered a no-show.

Which language do teachers use to teach Korean?

Teachers use a combination of English and Korean in Level 1 classes, gradually increasing the use of Korean as you progress to higher levels.

In the initial classes, you'll learn useful Korean expressions used in the classroom.

Is there homework and feedback given after class?

Yes, indeed!

We assign weekly homework and provide feedback from our Korean language teacher.

Homework is crucial for skill improvement, and our assistant teacher will offer detailed feedback to assist your learning.

What is the minimum age to register?

The minimum registration age is 13 years old. However, if you are under the age of 18, you need to get permission from your parents.

What are the payment methods~?

We accept payments worldwide through Visa/MasterCard and PayPal. Additionally, some local payment methods are also accepted

How can I know if my payment was successful?

If the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message via email or text. If you encounter any issues, please inform us immediately, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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