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  • Round Shuttle Bus
  • English/Chinese speaking staff
  • All Entrance/ Parking fee
  • Boarding Pass
  • Snap Photo Shot
  • Meals / Beverages
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Recommended Group

Perfect for a family getaway, these packages offer a delightful course to explore together.

Whether young or old, male or female, they're crafted to be enjoyed by all.

Get ready for an inclusive and enjoyable experience!

what to Expect

Explore vibrant Busan, the second-largest city in Korea featured in "Black Panther."

With its coastal allure and bustling attractions, this tour ensures a hassle-free visit to top sights, ideal for navigating Busan's intricate transportation system.

Enjoy the charm of Busan's beaches, especially during the summer, and consider it as a warmer winter destination compared to Seoul.

Expect a short, stress-free, and memorable adventure in this dynamic city!

This is where we visit

Gamcheon Cultural Village

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Visit a lovely old village on a hill in Busan, where pretty paintings have turned it into a tourist hotspot.

Explore hidden photo spots, discover different paintings in each alley, and soak in the beautiful village view from the hilltop.
It's a charming and artistic experience waiting for you!


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Head to Taejongdae Observatory in Busan for a perfect view of the open sea and stunning coastal scenery.

It's the go-to spot if you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea in Busan. Perched on sheer cliffs, this observatory offers not only breathtaking views but also a glimpse of 120 different lush trees.

For a comfortable journey, hop on the Taejongdae Danubi train and soak in the scenic delights of Taejongdae effortlessly.

It's a must-visit for a serene and picturesque experience in Busan!

Yeongdo huinnyeoul culture village

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You can feel a unique vibe of harmony between the beautiful coastline and the town of Busan.

In December 2011, old houses were renovated into a unique cultural village where you can feel the life of Yeongdo.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

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Explore the unique Busan Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, the only temple built above the sea in Korea and a top tourist attraction. Marvel at the magnificent view of the Busan Sea from this serene location.

Take a moment to unwind and release stress as you witness the beautiful sunset at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, known for its breathtaking beauty.

It's a peaceful retreat and a must-visit destination to experience tranquility and natural splendor in Busan.

Songdo Skywalk

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Feel the thrill as if you were walking on the ocean, when walking on a glass bridge!

Busan Yacht

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Take a ride on the luxurious yacht to see modern skyscrapers and the famous Diamond Bridge on Gwangalli Beach.

Blue Line Park Sky Capsule

Blue Line Park Sky Capsule.jpg__PID:b51a6e90-a978-4e36-ae43-a95f13cf77c8

Through Blue Line Park Sky Capsule, travel along the coast of Busan, where the East Sea and South Sea meet.

Busan Songjeong Beach

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It is famous for sightseeing trains with breathtaking coastal views, and it is a popular place where you can enjoy both relaxation and natural beauty.

Busan Songjeong Beach

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It is famous for sightseeing trains with breathtaking coastal views, and it is a popular place where you can enjoy both relaxation and natural beauty.


Busan Snap Photoshoot (Option)

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Would you like to bring a photographer so that you can capture memories there?

(The above image is example photos froms a photoshoot.)

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