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What's included

  • Round Shuttle Bus
  • English/Chinese speaking staff
  • Tongyeong Cable Car
  • Luge 3 Times
  • Meals / Beverages
  • Personal Expenses / Travel Insurance

Recommended Group

Ideal for groups, the Tongyeong tour offers a perfect mix of adventure and culinary delights.

With a round shuttle bus from Busan, experience Luge, savor street foods at Joongang Market, and enjoy panoramic ocean views from the top of Mireuk Mountain via cable car.

It's a fantastic group adventure in Tongyeong.

What To Expect

In Tongyeong, anticipate a small and beautiful city loved by artists, featuring clean seas and engaging leisure sports.

Surrounded by peaceful islands with quiet beaches, Tongyeong offers stunning views of the sea and mountains.

The experience is elevated with thrilling activities like cable cars and Luge, making it an unforgettable and well-rounded destination for all.

This is where we Will visit

Mireuk Mountain Cable Car

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Cable Car installed on Mireuk Mountain, Tongyeong’s famous mountain, is the longest cable car in Korea. There are many people watching Mireuk Mountain scenery on the cable car without riding a luge!

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Enjoy Mireuk Mountain scenery on the cable car!


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Luge, which is already famous for its thrilling activity, is a fun and special activity that rides a single-seater car coming down Mireuk Mountain.

  Enjoy running down from the top of the mountain! There are curved sections and corner sections, so you can enjoy safely.

Tongyeong Joongang Market

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Tongyeong Joongang Market is a representative traditional market filled with various kinds of seafood and delicious street foods.

Dongpirang Village

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Dongpirang Village, or "East Cliff," sits on the hill behind Joongang Market.

The village is known for its colorful painted walls and winding alleys that offer a glimpse of the river.

As you stroll through these alleys, you'll discover an observatory providing a view of the Tongyeong coast,

bringing a sense of happiness to your experience!


 Busan Snap Photoshoot (Option)

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Deoksugung Palace (2).jpg__PID:7c3e1ff2-74fa-45f1-8528-179827bfb35c

Would you like to bring a photographer so that you can capture memories there?

(The above image is example photos froms a photoshoot.)

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