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Full Day Seoul Culture Tour (Including Guide) 8.jfif__PID:14405191-831f-4f7a-976d-41e3291664b5
  •  Seoul  
  • Hotel Pick up/Sending
  • English /Chinese Ceritified Guide
  • Duration : 8~9 Hours
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  • Hanbok Rental Fee
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What To Expect

Discover Seoul's highlights with a tour blending culture, history, and shopping.

Visit Gyeongbukgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, The Blue House, and Insa-dong, guided by a professional offering detailed explanations.

Ideal for learning enthusiasts who want to explore Korean traditions and history in a short time.

basic Itinerary

Seoul Night Palace & Han River Tour (Including Guide)1

Meeting Point

Our private driver will pick you up from your accommodation/hotel.

Please make sure your accommodation is located in Seoul.

Full Day Seoul Culture Tour (Including Guide) 7.jpg__PID:469d28e4-1b09-4cf6-8587-58cb8329713c2

Jogyesa Temple

Visit Jogyesa Temple in Seoul for a peaceful time.

See the beautiful architecture and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Check out cultural events for a unique experience.

Seoul Night Palace & Han River Tour (Including Guide)3

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Go see Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul! It's a beautiful place with grand buildings and a lot of history.

Walk around the pretty courtyards and watch the guard ceremony. It's a cool spot to learn about Korea's pa

National Folk Museum.jpg__PID:8167a7f2-5d93-47f3-ad30-808496eef4f44

National Folk Museum

Explore the National Folk Museum in Seoul for a fun and educational experience.

Discover exhibits showcasing Korea's everyday life and traditions. From artifacts to cultural displays,

it's a fascinating glimpse into the country's rich heritage.

gwangjang market netflix.jpg__PID:4617a28b-65e5-44ea-baef-89484a807a305


Have you by any chance watched 'Street Food' on Netflix?

It showcases the vibrant energy of Gwangjang Market.

This place is a haven for savoring an array of delightful Korean street foods.

From soul-warming kalguksu, fiery tteokbokki, and the flavorful mix of assorted pancakes to the daring adventure of trying extreme delicacies like live octopus, it's a culinary journey worth experiencing.

Full Day Seoul Culture Tour (Including Guide) 8.jfif__PID:14405191-831f-4f7a-976d-41e3291664b56

  Changdeokgung Palace

Check out Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul! Walk around the cool buildings and gardens, especially the secret garden – it's like a hidden gem.

Learn about Korea's royal history from the Joseon Dynasty.

It's a fun way to explore the past!

[Seoul] Morning Half day Culture Experinece Guide Tour (Bukchon+Cheonggyecheon+Insadong) 4.jpg__PID:fb66c314-d50c-4ced-85c1-fe717c0250737


Experience the lively vibe of shopping in Insadong, Seoul!


Namdaemun Market  

Shop and snack at Namdaemun Market in Seoul!

Find everything from clothes to souvenirs, and enjoy tasty street food. It's a fun and lively shopping spot.

our Guide Information

Seoul Night Palace & Han River Tour (Including Guide)
Seoul Night Palace & Han River Tour (Including Guide)

Local Expertise:

At Konectrip, our goal is to craft more than just a trip – we strive to create unforgettable memories. From unique local encounters to luxurious experiences, we ensure that your journey is nothing short of exceptional
Seoul Night Palace & Han River Tour (Including Guide)

Professional Certification

With a deep-rooted understanding of Korea and its hidden treasures, Konectrip offers insider access to the city's best-kept secrets

Seoul Night Palace & Han River Tour (Including Guide)

Tailored Experiences

As qualified tour guides, our team brings professional expertise, ensuring a seamless and enriching exploration.

명륜당 (2).jpg__PID:204f2492-b47a-4d3c-a25d-57f3fb974cf0

Memorable Adventures

Your journey is personalized, tailored precisely to your interests, whether that's savoring authentic local cuisines, visiting cultural landmarks, or embarking on off-the-beaten-path adventures.


What our customers say

Seoul Night Professional Photography (Deoksugung Palace #1)

Park Min Joo


KonectKorea's Deoksugung Palace photos are pure magic! 📷✨

Loved every moment of the virtual tour. Highly recommended! 👏

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Lee Ji Eun


Konectrip turned our Gyeongbokgung visit into a fairytale!

Dressing up in Hanbok and striking a pose felt like stepping into a K-drama scene.

 Thank you for making our day magical

View Details>

경복궁 9.jpg__PID:497b70ef-e614-4852-adbf-27e2f7a108ad

Yoon HaEun


Wearing Hanbok and posing against the palace's backdrop was like stepping back in time.

Our photos tell a story we'll be sharing for years to come.

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Seoul Snap Photoshoot (Option)

남이섬(봄) (5).jpg__PID:f470ccdb-796b-40c1-b990-4548651389e1
남이섬(봄) (1).jpg__PID:e33c3b8c-f042-40c6-b107-155ff1e5986c
쁘띠프랑스 (4).jpg__PID:d52d8199-4501-408d-8f67-1f78755bd8f7
Deoksugung Palace (2).jpg__PID:7c3e1ff2-74fa-45f1-8528-179827bfb35c

Would you like to bring a photographer so that you can capture memories there?

(The above image is example photo froms a photoshoot.)

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Will I receive any notice or reminder before the tour?

A day before the tour, you will receive a WhatsApp/email reminder along with a link to a group chat,
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I want to reschedule the tour date. Is it possible?

Please refer to our policy section for information on rescheduling.

I heard it would be raining tomorrow. Will the tour be canceled?

No, the tour will not be canceled due to the rainy weather.

I would like to change the food that we will eat due to a personal reason. How can I do that?

Please inform your tour guide about any dietary restrictions or contact us to make a request.

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