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  •  Seoul , Gangname
  • Mother-of-pearl craft class
  • English/Chinese-Speaking Guide
  • 1 toolkit per person
  • Duration : 30~60 minutes
  • Personal Expenses / Travel Insurance

What To Expect

Join JINJOO SHELL for a hands-on mother-of-pearl craft class led by master artisan Lee Yeong-ok.

Explore the history of mother-of-pearl and create your own fashion items like hand mirrors, business card cases, and brooches.

Experience the blend of tradition and modernity in Bukchon as you craft beautiful mother-of-pearl pieces under expert guidance.

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JINJOO SHELL, a mother-of-pearl brand for three generations, is located in Bukchon Hanok Village where the old Korean emotions are left behind.

Mother-of-pearl Craft Experience  3.jpg__PID:2357d6ef-d7ce-4b85-a7ac-7beb840f4acb

Lee Yeong-ok, a master hand of mother-of-pearl and the chief artisan of Jinjooshell, has developed various colors of mother-of-pearl and contributed to its modernization.

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Mother-of-pearl is a craft material from thinly processed seashells with bright colors. It has colors of natural sophistication that can’t be expressed artificially.

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Make practical fashion items such as hand mirror, business card case, hairband, and brooch by inlaying with the mother-of-pearl piece by piece.

You can express anything from Korean traditional patterns to landmark and Hangul initials. Make your own souvenir!


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