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Lotte World in Seoul is a super easy-to-reach theme park by subway, kind of like Korea's Everland.

It's awesome because you can have a blast indoors or outdoors, no matter what the weather's up to.

They switch things up with cool themes, parades, and performances each season, so it's always a good time for people from all over the world.

Just hop on the subway and join the fun! 🎉


Indoor Theme Park

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We recommend those who do not want thrilling attractions to ride these following attractions,

Drunken Basket, Dragon Wild Shooting,
VR Space, Fantasy Forest, and Fly Venture.

Outdoor Theme Park (Magic Island)

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Magic Island with Swing Tree, Bungee, Kid’s Sightseeing Car,

Geneva Cruise Lines, Load Nelson’s Armada, etc, can be enjoyed only in Lotte World!


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Exciting Parade with Lotte World Main Character and dancers!

CLICK HERE to check performances in detail


Seoul Snap Photoshoot (option)

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Would you like to have the best photoshoot at Lotteworld?

(The above image is example photo froms a photoshoot.)

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Basic Information


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What are the convenient facilities in Lotte World?

 Stroller / Wheelchair rentals Free wheelchairs: Adventure 1F, beside the Giant Loop entrance on the 1st floor of Adventure

• Smoking Area: Magic Island, behind the Bumper Car

• Baby Care Center: Adventure 1F, behind the Meeting Plaza located on the 1st floor of Adventure and 2 other places  

(Diaper Switchboard / Water Purifier / Microwave / Nursing Couch / Diapers are not provided.)

 CLICK HERE to check facilities in detail

 Can I check the children’s attraction facilities?

 • Adventure: Boong Boong Car, Brother Moon and Sister Suns, The Bumping Jesters, Lotty’s Train, Swing Pang Pang, Eureka, Lotte’s Kidstoria, Dragon Train, Dream Boots

• Magic Island: Kid’s SightseeingCar, Petit Pang Pang

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