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What's included in Our photoshoot package?


Photography Experience

Enjoy a photoshoot designed just for you.

Whether you prefer candid moments or posed shots,
our personalized session captures your unique style.


Professional Editing Magic

Every photo receives expert editing for perfect lighting, vibrant colors,

and clarity, ensuring your images are visually stunning and ready to be cherished.


Local Guidance and Tips

Your photographer isn't just there to snap pictures—they're your local guide.

Get insider tips on the best photo spots and uncover hidden gems in the area.


Print-Ready Memories

Turn your favorite photos into tangible treasures with our print release.

Create travel prints and wall art, ensuring your cherished memories last a lifetime.


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Package options

Jeju Snap Photo: Seize Your Moments in Picturesque Jeju for Unforgettable Me

What's included

  • Original photos
  • Edited photos
  • All Entrance/ Parking fee
  • Course Consultation
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Meals / Beverages
  • Personal Expenses / Travel Insurance

 Available Places


Aewol Coastal Road.jpg__PID:88fddfdc-6e27-43ea-96e3-53bf85035b3f1

Aewol Coastal Island & Handam Coastal Trail

Saebyeol Gunsan Oreum.jpg__PID:512fe65f-1581-4cc6-ab2e-8ba3714cf7752

Saebyeol /Gunsan Oreum 

Gumneung Beach in Jeju Island.jpg__PID:6d3864c0-7c45-42f2-87d3-f57b7b6729543

Hyupjae & Gumneung & Gwakji  Beach

Hallim park.jpg__PID:a6299341-b538-4ff9-bd0b-a1c30459fe754

Hallim Park

Isdore Farm.webp__PID:f90acfbb-6574-4137-8974-478405b4e8565

Isdore Farm

Osulloc Green Tea Field.webp__PID:70b31825-1ccb-4657-bc81-d952e22410726

O’Sulloc Green Tea Field


Sanyang Keunkot

Songak Mountain.jpg__PID:c4867b5a-2281-4302-8bda-69f1398cd6408

Songak Mountain

카멜리아 힐.jpg__PID:3511014c-74bb-4792-b6a5-c4f40dafaf6d9

Camellia Hill jeju


What our customers say

Jeju Island Ocean view snap (1).jpg__PID:8693045a-4af2-4c7a-9064-c301f0249e22

Lee Joo Yeon


Jeju Island Photoshoot with Konectrip was a romantic dream come true for us!

The photos by Hamdeok and Samyang Ocean perfectly captured our love.

It's a must for couples wanting beautiful memories of their time together. 📸💖

View Photos from Shoot >

Jeju Island Ocean view snap dv.jpg__PID:5ca91c47-8693-445a-8af2-7c7a9064c301

Pre-wedding Couple #1


Jeju Island Photoshoot with Konectrip was a brilliant decision!

The photos are simply magical, highlighting not just our special day but also the stunning surroundings of Jeju Island.

Grateful for the beautiful memories created by these talented photographers! 📸🌺

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basic Information


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Can I choose my photoshoot locations?

Our trip  coordinator will suggest some great spots for you to choose from.

If you have another place in mind, feel free to talk to your coordinator to make arrangements

Are there any hidden charges?

Rest assured, our photography packages are all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

Yet, please note that additional expenses like entrance tickets to certain photoshoot locations are not covered within the package.

When is the best time to schedule a shoot, on weekdays or weekends?

If your schedule permits, we highly recommend scheduling the shoot on weekdays.

Weekends tend to be crowded almost everywhere, making it challenging to avoid people in your photos.

How long in advance should I book my photoshoot?

Typically 1 months, but for peak seasons (eg. cherry blossom / autumn foliage), 3 months would be recommended.

What are the payment terms?

Clients are to pay a deposit of 50% (unless otherwise stated) upon booking.

I'm not used to photo shoots. Will I be able to do well?

If both of you open up and enjoy the moment, even without being professional models, we can capture natural and lovely photos .

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